Arguably the best exercise for whole-body workouts, the squat keeps your body moving the way it’s supposed to, helping you run faster, jump higher, and improving bone mineral density for stronger bones. Find your strength quicker by using the Aithos Jaro during squats.

  1. Stand with the heels of your feet shoulder-width apart and toes pointed outward approximately 30 degrees.
  2. Attach your resistance bands to one of the outside (lateral) connection ports on the shoe.
  3. Push your hips back and squat until your hips are at or below the level of your knees. The top of your upper legs should be parallel or below parallel to the ground at the bottom of the squat. Your back should be as flat as you can get it and usually at a 45-degree angle. Don’t round your back.
  4. Grab your resistance handles and place them at the same level as your shoulders, or slightly higher depending on your strength and flexibility.
  5. Lift your hips straight up to bring yourself to the standing position. You should feel your hips doing the work.
  6. Push your hips back and repeat squat for the number of reps in your workout set.

“There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.”

– Bruce Lee


Reach out with the Aithos Jaro athletic shoe to stretch, strengthen, and tone your body. Reach out to Aithos if you are looking for an answer to your question or trying to find a solution to your issue. The Aithos Jaro and our support team will get you to a higher level of strength and understanding.