Don’t spend another dollar on expensive gym memberships. With Aithos Jaro you can work out anywhere anytime and look good doing it.

the dilemma

You live a busy life, but you also love to work out and stay in shape. You spend a considerable amount of time and money going to the gym to stay healthy and reach your fitness goals.

What if you could kiss that bulky workout equipment and expensive gym membership goodbye but still be able to maintain your workout routine?

What if you could work out anywhere and anytime without compromise?

the inspiration

My name is Andrew Rutherford and I’m the creator of Aithos Jaro. The fitness shoe that is going to change the world of fitness forever.

A few years ago, I had a debilitating back injury and also suffered from lower back pain. My journey back to becoming pain-free was challenging and I needed strength training to gain the mobility I had lost. Going back to the gym was not convenient or economical. I knew something had to change.

These days, there are so many different options for fitness equipment, from treadmills to weights and so on and so forth. But these methods can be expensive, bulky, and require too much time and space to set up.

I liked the convenience and versatility of resistance bands, however, I soon realized that they were very hard to manage with a high risk of causing injuries. So, I began thinking about how I could easily and safely get the reps I needed on my way back to recovery.

enter aithos jaro

Inspired by a burning desire for convenience and safety, I decided to create a shoe whose design enabled the incorporation of exercise devices like resistance bands. With this shoe, I wouldn’t have to go to the gym to get a good workout; I could exercise effectively in my bedroom, family room, kitchen, office, or anywhere.

With the Aithos Jaro, I’ve been able to retain my healthy, active lifestyle and remain pain-free. Even though I’m getting older, my body has never felt younger, reaching a peak I certainly don’t plan on coming down from any time soon.


of people pay for their gym membership every month but never show up to use it.

Living healthy isn’t easy work. Life tends to get in the way and going to the gym becomes harder to manage.

Why spend your hard-earned money and not get the results you deserve?

We need to do what we must to stay fit, healthy, and on top of our game. With Aithos Jaro you can get in shape, save money, and look good doing it.

lace-up and conquer your mountain.

Attach bands to help you stretch to your full potential. The Aithos Jaro is specifically designed with one goal in mind: to help you reach your peak.

Row to victory, master the squat, lift weights –all while with the strength and security that the Aithos Jaro provides. Whether you’re losing weight or just trying to keep in shape, Aithos Jaro is the shoe for you.

you have questions. we have answers.

Contact us today so that we can help answer your questions and help put you on the path  of achieving peak performance.

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